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SocialCommerce – SocialEngine Magento Integration Extension for Magento 2

With the rise of eCommerce and social networking, there’s been a major push towards social commerce, where retailers and social networks have partnered to offer consumers a more convenient online shopping experience. Magento provides a powerful eCommerce platform to create a fully featured eCommerce store and on the other hand, SocialEngine is a powerful tool to create a social network. SocialEngine Magento Integration provides a seamless integration of Magento 2 store with a SocialEngine website that it appears as a single website to users.

This unified social commerce platform makes the shopping experience much more engaging and inspiring for the customers as the recommendations from community members help them make the purchasing decisions faster, thus benefiting the customers as well as the store owner.

Firstly, if you do not already have a SocialEngine PHP based website, you will need to purchase a SocialEngine PHP license from here so that you can have a professional and well integrated social commerce website up & running with all the essential features.

Extension Features for your Social Commerce Website:

Single Sign-on
Activity Feeds Integration
Cart Synchronization
Customizable Widgets
Uniform Theming
And much more to explore..

You can go through the complete list of features on our website by clicking here.

NOTE: This integration consists of 2 parts – one part has to be installed on Magento installation and another to be installed on SocialEngine website to have a complete Social Commerce website.

Module Installation on Magento website:

The detailed process of extension installation on Magento would require below steps to be followed:
Download the extension from your account
Unzip the file
Create a folder {Magento 2 root}/app/code
Copy the content from the unzipped folder

Module Installation on SocialEngine website:

For the installation of this extension on SocialEngine site, please contact us and we’ll set it up for you. After we’ve installed it, you’ll need to do below configurations on your SocialEngine website.

Module Configuration on SocialEngine:
To configure the module on SocialEngine, navigate to Plugins > SocialEngine Magento Integration Plugin in your Admin Panel.

General Settings:

social engine magento integration plugin

Magento Integration:

In this section, while entering the Magento Admin user name, please make sure the user group of this user has all the access privileges on Magento website.

SocialEngine Magento Integration


Once you are done with the plugin installation on SocialEngine end, you can see the corresponding widgets in the Layout Editor under Available Blocks > SocialEngine Magento Integration.

Layout Editor MageCube

You can drag and drop these widgets on the desired pages.
You can see below how we’ve placed these widgets on SocialEngine Landing / Home page and Members Home page.

Page Block Placement

Page Block PLacement

Customizing the Widgets

You can edit the settings of these widgets by clicking on ‘Edit’, wherein a pop-up will appear and you can make the necessary changes.

Product Category Navigation Bar:
This is the most useful widget of this extension using which you can display the categories of Magento platform on your SocialEngine website giving users a feel of browsing one website while navigating between SocialEngine & Magento pages.

magento extension

New / Best Selling Products
The new / best selling products can be displayed in two ways, grid / list view or in a carousel. You can choose among new and best selling products and can also set the height and width of each product.

Carousel View:
You can decide the transition time between two slides and also decide whether you want to show pagination or not.

sponsered products magecube

Grid / List View:
You can choose to show the new / trending products in list / grid view.

Front-End View of the Widgets

demo magecube plugins

That’s all! Thank you for reading out this article. If you have any query or need more information regarding your Social Commerce website, please contact us.