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Social Commerce: The next big thing in this online trending world!

In recent times with an increase in popularity of the Social networking and Community based websites; Ecommerce and Social networking is gradually coming in hand in hand. This major push towards Social Commerce has facilitated shop owners and retailers to offer consumers a better engaging online shopping experience by activities such as allowing their own customers to advocate for the products and services being offered to the target customers.

Word of Mouth Marketing: The best marketing strategy

Word of Mouth Marketing or Advertising differs from naturally occurring word of mouth. The reviews or suggestions provided by people online, based on certain criteria always makes an impact on the audience, Word of Mouth travels much faster online.

Filtering Products: Getting recommendations from friends or people you follow, plays a great role.

Traditional stores have never been interactive. For most of the online visitors, shopping on a traditional store turns out to be a nightmare: If they can find reasons or ways to abandon or postpone, they will. What if, browsing an online store was fun, exciting and interactive? More like having a get-together with old friends? The answer is Social Commerce!

Self growing business model is just a step away

Social Commerce helps by influencing the online visitors to purchase a product or subscribe to a service, thus making shopping decisions faster. When a visitor lands on a social commerce website, they get engaged with social activities, which influences their purchasing decision thus facilitating more purchases and more purchases on an online Social Commerce store creates even more set of new activities. This whole process creates a vicious circle resulting in a self growing business model.

‘Social Sharing’ is NOT enough!

Sharing information on your product purchases on various social media platform is good in terms of marketing but to build engagement amongst the users, there is a need of a social platform or an online community which has loyal members. Let’s have a quick look on some of the solutions built by the MageCube team of engineers to help you achieve the right set of Social Commerce features:

More Social > More Engagement > More Sales

Social Commerce Solutions that we offer

1. SocialEngine + Magento Integration

Both of these platforms have earned their reputation in their respective domains. What if you can have a blend of the features for your next Social Commerce website?

Yes, the integration of these two giants to yield a whole new world of Social Commerce experience.

Let’s quickly have a look on some of the specialities of these platforms:

Magento – the leading Ecommerce platform

Magento is an eCommerce solution that offers store owners flexibility and complete control over the functionality and features of their website applications. Capabilities such as being SEO friendly, having powerful marketing tools and features like catalog management makes Magento powered websites standout from the crowd and gives the online store owners an opportunity to build such a store which gives incomparable shopping experience to their customers.

The user-friendly administration interface on Magento gives you a flexibility to tailor your site as per your business requirement. Magento is the most preferred eCommerce solution, as it is robust, scalable and backed by an extensive support network of developers.

SocialEngine PHP – the leading Social Networking platform

Thinking Social, think SocialEngine. The award winning platform helps you to make various styles of social networking possible. Best known for capabilities for customization and a wide range of developer community with add-ons/plugins available makes SocialEngine one of the favorites to build niche communities as well.

Let’s have a look on some of the key reasons to use SocialEngine for your Social Commerce website:

  • Social Community with all requisite features can be created on its own.
  • Countless ways for users to connect, share and interact with each other.
  • Engagement Features such as Social Feeds or Activity Feeds. Integrated with Magento, activity feeds plays an important role as online shoppers would love to see the feeds of their near and dear ones saying “Nataliya purchased this product” and this activity feed can be liked, commented upon and/or shared with other community members thus enhancing engagement.
  • Features like Blogs, Events, Photos/Albums, Videos, etc. add up more engagement driven capabilities to the community.

How it works:

Our specialised team of engineers have developed a SocialEngine+Magento Integration extension, that can enable SocialEngine PHP to be integrated with Magento and vice-versa. In case you want to use SocialEngine and Magento platforms to create your next Social Commerce application but, worried about the complex integration and development effort, stop worrying now! Our team has already taken care of these complex architecture and development requirements to offer an integrated seamless experience.

2. SocialEngine + Stores / Marketplace Plugin:

Another way to achieve your requirements is to set up a Social Commerce Website by adding Stores/Marketplace Plugin developed by experienced developers at SocialEngineAddOns for your SocialEngine powered community. This plugin  offers users a flexibility to easily create (Admin Driven or User-Driven) stores and sell their products online. An active marketplace can be easily created by using these social features.

Now, let’s check both the solutions to help you decide on your next Social Commerce Website.

Feature / Requirement SocialEngine + Magento Integration SocialEngine + Stores / Marketplace Plugin
Multiple Admin-driven Stores  yes  yes
Multi-Vendor Store or Marketplace  No*  Yes
Multiple Websites under a single installation Yes  No
Multi-Lingual Support  Yes Yes
Multi-Currency Support  Yes  Yes
CMS Features Yes  Yes
Robustness  Yes  Yes
Ease of website management  Yes  Yes
SEO Friendly  Yes  Yes
Ease of Customization  Yes  Yes
Performance & Scalability  Yes  Yes
Recommended for existing Magento website owners to add a social factor?  Yes  No
Recommended for existing SocialEngine website owners to add a commerce factor ? Yes Yes
Mobile Commerce  Yes  Yes
Ideally recommended for Large and Medium sized online businesses Medium and Small sized stores

* 3rd Party extensions are available for Multi-Vendor Store or Marketplace in Magento.


By now, you must have got an idea about a social commerce website that can be developed using any of the two ways and what features differentiate them from one another. Though the above comparison do not advocate for a conclusion rather the decision should be taken based on the requirements as per the business plan.

So, if you are already have a Magento-based eCommerce store, and looking forward to take a stride to take your business to new heights by integrating Social features, then, the decision is much easier- you can go ahead with SocialEngine+Magento integration.

Who Should Choose Magento with SocialEngine?

SocialEngine-Magento integrated website is a good fit for the businesses which needs an advanced store with full control and a social flavour added. Through our experience, the medium to large enterprises or those who are looking to build a scalable solution will find Magento as the best fit compared to building a solution with Stores/Marketplace plugin.

Who Should Opt for Stores / Marketplace Plugin with SocialEngine?

Smaller businesses or startups should opt for Stores/Marketplace plugin, as it enables highlighting the social features more. Choosing this solution will be cost-effective and feature rich.

By now, after reading this blog you must have got ideas and a desire to create your own Social Commerce Application. If you’re still unsure about which solution to choose, our team is here to help you you decide. Our team is coupled with expertise and experience in these domains and have successfully delivered several projects for both the platforms. Contact us to make the best choice for your requirements.