Multiple Responsive Slideshows for Magento 2 by MageCube
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Multiple Responsive Slideshows for Magento 2 by MageCube

Multiple Responsive Slideshows extension allows you to create an unlimited number of attractive slideshows and slides for your site and hence attract your users and create lasting impressions.  You can highlight your promotional offers, campaigns or any events by using slideshows. All slides can contain captions and are URL linkable. Slideshows and individual slides can easily be disabled / enabled anytime.

Features –

  1. An Unlimited number of Slideshows and Slides.
  2. Slideshows can be placed anywhere on the site with a customized widget.
  3. Choose Slideshow widget position for Homepage.
  4. 2 attractive slideshow types :
    1. Fade Out/In
    2. Slide
  5. Slideshow parameters & effects: Every slideshow type has parameters like transition effect, enable /disable arrows, delays, etc that can be set from the admin panel.
  6. Slide visibility: The starting time and ending time of a slide in which it will be visible.
  7. Slide Captions: All slides can have captions and subheadings.
  8. Caption positions: Captions can be positioned at the center, left or right of slides.
  9. Slide URLs: All slides can have URL links associated, allowing you to redirect users to desired pages from the slideshow. Each slideshow has to set whether its slide URLs should be opened in the current window or new browser window/tab.
  10. Slideshow preview: Preview the slideshow before actually placing them on the site.
  11. Admin can easily enable/disable a slideshow/slide any time.
  12. View & analyze reports for the effectiveness of each slide and slideshow.

Magento Installation –

The steps for installing the extension on your Magento site are:

  1. Download the extension from your account
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Create a folder {Magento 2 root}/app/code
  4. Copy the content from the unzipped folder

Create a new SlideShow

Information – Enter the slideshow name and enable/disable the slideshow

Set Position – Choose the display location, i.e. either Home Page or a custom widget. Choose the position of the slideshow which can be menu top, menu bottom, content top or page bottom.

Set Position - New Slide

Slide Transition Effects

  • Choose Animation effect, i.e. either slide or fade out / in.
  • Set the time between transitions.
  • Set slide transition speed.
  • Decide whether you want to pause the slideshow when the mouse is on it or not.
  • Enable/disable arrows.
  • Enable/disable navigation bullets.

Slide Transition Effects:

Slide Transition Effects

Filter and choose from the available slides –

Filter and choose from the available slides -

Create a new Slide –

Enter the slide name, slide heading and subheading


  • Choose the slide heading / sub-heading position, i.e. either center, left or right.
  • Assign the slide to a slideshow.
  • Enable/disable the slide.
  • Choose the store view in which you want to display the slide.


  • Set the Starting time and ending time of the slide, i.e. the slide will be displayed in this time period only.
  • Upload the image file.
  • Set the image title, alternate image, the link to the page you want to redirect to when the user clicks on the slide.
  • Also, decide whether you want to open the page in the same window or a new window.


View and Analyze Reports –

You can see the number of clicks and views of a slide in each slideshow. You can also see the Click-through rate (CTR) ratio, i.e. the ratio of users who clicked on the slide to the number of total users who viewed the slide.

Filter and choose from the available slides - Create a new Slide –

Enter the slide name, slide heading and subheading
review- &-click-view feature in slide
Front End

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That’s all about our Multiple Responsive Slideshow extension for Magento 2. If you have any query or want to discuss anything you can send us a mail at or contact us here