WhatsApp Share Extension for Magento 2
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WhatsApp Share Extension for Magento 2

The WhatsApp Share extension for Magento 2 allows your website users to share Magento store products along with their details on WhatsApp messenger and WhatsApp Web.

When user clicks on whatsapp share button on the product detail page it redirects the user to the whatsapp contact list (provided the app is installed) such that user can share that product information, that is, product name, price and page meta information with page link. This extension also gives admin the Option to set custom labels for product name, description, price, special price and discount.. Admin can also set the size of the share button for mobile view.


  • Works on all Mobile devices that have WhatsApp Messenger installed and also on WhatsApp web.
  • The extension is extremely easy to configure and manage. The configuration takes just a few clicks.
  • Users can share product URL along with product name, description, price, special price and coupon code.


The steps for installing the theme on your Magento site are:

  1. Download the extension from your account
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Create a folder {Magento 2 root}/app/code
  4. Copy the content from the unzipped folder


After the extension is installed, you can configure it in just a few steps. Please go to your Magento Admin panel to do so.

WhatsApp Share Extension for Magento 2 - Configuration

Enable – You can easily enable or disable the extension and enter the license key that you must have received when you purchased this plugin.

You can enable WhatsApp Share for specific categories or all categories. You can choose to enable it only in Mobile or in Mobile and Website both.

sharing button
You can change the size and text of the Share button.


Product Settings – You can enable/disable WhatsApp Share on Product View and Product Listing Pages, set custom message to share with the products, decide if you want product name, price, special price etc. to be shared along with the product and much more


That’s all about our WhatsApp Share extension for Magento 2. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any query / suggestion / feedback. You can contact us here.