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Advanced Search Extension for Magento 2

Advanced Search extension for Magento 2 enables your users to make good use of your website’s products by easy searching and browsing in a neat interface, thus creating a win-win situation for you and your members.

The extension also increases user engagement and user retainment by making search convenient across your website’s products. Features like powerful search, auto-suggesting of search results, advanced searching and more, make this a valuable extension for your website.


  • An Attractive Advanced Search Box that intelligently auto-suggests search results.
  • Use of AJAX and various effects for good interactivity and user experience
  • Easy configuration
  • Customizable auto-suggest popup. You can include product details like product image, SKU, price, reviews and ratings, etc. in the auto-suggest popup.
  • Display “Add to cart” button right in the search results.
  • Each search result in the auto-suggest is a link that enables user to directly go to the product main page.


The steps for installing the theme on your Magento site are:

  1. Download the extension from your account
  2. Unzip the file
  3. Create a folder {Magento 2 root}/app/code
  4. Copy the content from the unzipped folder


After the extension is installed, you can configure it in just a few steps. Please go to your Magento Admin panel to do so.


Show Fields In Popup
You can choose to show both the suggested items or the products matching the keyword entered or either of them.

Number of Suggested Results
You can set the number of suggested products you want to display in the popup.

Number of Product Results
You can set the number of matching products you want to display in the popup.


Product Search Result Fields
You can select the product details that you want to be displayed in the popup, e.g. Product name, Product Image, Add to Cart Button, etc.

Front End

Front End of Advance Search Extension Magento
That’s all about our Advanced Search extension for Magento 2. Please feel free to reach out to us if you have any query/ suggestion/feedback. You can contact us here.