Language Translator / Multilingual Extension for Magento 2

Announcement – Language Translator and Multilingual Extension for Magento 2

We are happy to announce that our Language Translator and Multilingual Extension for Magento 2 has been released on Magento Marketplace. Language Translator and Multilingual extension enables you to transform your simple Magento website into a multilingual website and take it to the next level. It drives accessibility to thousands of potential customers across the globe leading to build up a large customer base.

Language Translator / Multilingual Extension translates your complete website into any preferred language. A multilingual website has the ability to communicate and address brand / company messages to the international audience in their own native language that helps to drive most cost-effective ways to market your company, capture new users, build relationships with new clients and reflect an international outlook of your brand.

This extension translates your Magento website in 3 simple steps:

  • Search and Translate – Search and translate any string into any other language.
  • CMS Content Translation – Content like pages, blocks and widgets can be bulk translated in a few clicks.
  • Mass Translation – Translate product details, reviews, categories and more in bulk to save time and effort.

The major highlights of this Extension are –

  • 100% Hassle-Free Translation of your Magento website in a few clicks.
  • Bulk Translation of products, CMS Pages, Blocks, etc saving you a lot of time & effort.
  • Inbuilt Language Manager that helps you search for any phrase in any language and then translate or edit it.
  • Option to add & translate custom phrases which are not present in any extension’s file.
  • Add Special Variables for which translation needs to be avoided. For example website’s name, description etc.
  • Offers 100+ languages for translation.

You can read more about our Advanced Search extension here at MageCube or if have any query or want to discuss anything you can reach us or send a mail to