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Why Major websites are turning into PWAs, and how you can too?

What is a Progressive Web App?

Let’s first understand what a PWA is.

Mobile websites and native apps have their own advantages and disadvantages. Native apps are more engaging, while mobile websites have a greater reach as they are more easily accessible (without having to locate the app and download it).

PWA makes use of the best features of mobile websites and native apps. PWA (Progressive Web Apps) is a collection of modern web technologies and design concepts that work together to provide an app-like experience.

According to studies, mobile users tend to access mobile websites more often than apps but spend more time on the apps they install.

Features of PWA:

  • Accelerated loading speed: The page loads instantly and reliably.
  • Works Offline and Network Independent: The site will work even when there is no or poor internet connectivity.
  • Add to Home Screen popup and engaging push notifications.
  • Just like a normal website, PWA can also be used on any platform, therefore, Progressive Web Apps are cross-platform and responsive.
  • Fully Responsive, making them suitable for use on all device types

Advantages of PWA over Native Apps

  • No PlayStore or App Store process involved. You do not have to pay the app stores fees or pass the app store approval process to get your own app published. Your app goes lives instantly.
  • Cost Effective – The cost involved for progressive web apps is much less than what it takes to develop native apps.
  • Works in Offline Mode or on poor connectivity networks.

Because of these features, some of the world’s best-known companies and have converted their websites into Progressive Web Apps.

Some Popular Websites that are Progressive Web Apps:

  1. Twitter Lite
  2. Forbes
  3. Pinterest
  4. AliExpress
  5. Flipkart
  6. BookMyShow
  7. OLX
  8. Lancôme

There are more than enough examples to see the excellent results of progressive web apps for organizations across industries.

How can you make your Website a Progressive Web App?

Converting your website into a Progressive Web App is not as complex as it may sound. You can learn more about how to convert your website into a PWA here:

We at MageCube have developed a PWA extension for Magento 2 sites that can easily convert your website into a PWA in just a few steps. The extension is extremely easy to configure and you can set the splash background, theme color, and change or upload the app icon of the Progressive Web App at any time. To learn more about this extension, you can go to this link: Progressive Web App Extension For Magento 2 or write to us at