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How Magento Store with Multiple Languages Extension can help you Diversify Market & Increase Sales?

The beauty of the Internet is that it has indeed made the world a global village. Local businesses are now able to profit themselves because of an international audience. But the door to the heart of your international audience is ‘localisation’. Common sense Advisory reports suggest that 75% of worldwide consumers find websites in their native languages to be more trustworthy. Native language increases the belongingness factor for consumers and heightens the shopping experience for them by 47%.

All this can easily be achieved for Magento websites by using the “Language Translator / Multilingual Extension for Magento 2”.

A Tool for Better Communication

The best way to connect with your non-English speaker-audience is to speak in their native language. After all, before making them your consumer you need to make them understand how your products and/or services can be beneficial to them. Translating Product Descriptions, Attributes, Fields, etc to native languages of your users can thus help in making your products seem more relevant to your users.

Statistics tell us that as high as three-quarters of all online buyers prefer to buy from a website in their own lingo. Helping them meet their needs translates to a growing demand for your business. But just dubbing your site in the local language won’t create the magic. You need to ensure that currency, format of dates and measurement units should be the same as the host country.

The key is to make the transition for the customers as hassle-free as possible by using the “Language Translator Extension for Magento 2 by MageCube”.

Expand your Market to more Countries / Regions

If you want to scale up your revenues then diversification is the answer to all your prayers. The best way to sustain in a crowded market and increase your market share is to Diversify to Newer Regions, and one of the smartest and quickest way to do this is by translating your website to the language of the region you are targeting.

A very good Example: You might be a renowned Korean skincare brand, but you will be able to penetrate the French or German Markets only when you are able to communicate with them in their native language, i.e., provide your website to them in their own language.

It is easy to conclude that expansion of the market to sell can lead to increased sales.

High Ranking in Google Search Results

Since the world is still unaware of the Holy Grail, Language Translator Extension for Magento, it is safe to say that one can earn a huge market share by getting the first mover’s advantage. While this might also depend on your niche or industry, but you will still have to act soon to gain from making your Magento website in multiple languages. Other businesses might catch up soon on the necessity of localisation and it might not remain a competitive advantage for long. Sooner or later, you will have to incorporate multilingual extension like Language Translator Extension for Magento 2 platform to ward off local businesses that are already loved by the local audience and foreign competitors who took it seriously.

Improved User Experience

A satisfied client is a client forever. The efficiently localised website can easily double the user experience and also the client retention rate. But a localised website does not translate to one size fits all dubbed versions of the text. A user feels more at ease while navigating through the site when they are able to understand the services, pay in their own currency without the trouble of foreign exchange rate, and images with which they can relate. It is a foolproof way to increase your conversion rate, decrease the bounce rate and kick your CTR high. Your SERP ratings will surely positively reflect the changes, all by using Language Translator Extension for Magento 2.

No Penalty for Plagiarised Content!

You don’t have to be worried about getting penalised for plagiarism. If your website is translated then the duplicated content is not considered to be plagiarised. Although you will have to set up hreflang tags so that Google knows the page scanned is the equivalent of any other language like Hindi, French, or Spanish.

A multilingual extension has a plethora of benefits that can make your business popular in the lands of the unknown. If you want to own the international markets and break into new territories, your multilingual website will give you a firm standing.

Once you have understood the nuances of the multilingual extension, you will need an expert translator to make the translations. Thus, to grow, it is important to start the localisation process of your website today. You will be enthralled to see the kind of sales figures it will get along. Language Translator Extension for Magento 2 can prove to be a miracle for your Ecommerce store.